Religious Education Program

On behalf of our catechists and staff, I welcome your family to our religious instruction here at Saint Christine Parish. We willingly share with you, your responsibility regarding the religious education of your children.

This year, as in past years, your children will be taught by interested, knowledgeable, faith-filled Catholics who generously and enthusiastically participate in our programs. In addition, our Parish Staff joyfully gives many hours of service to help make our program meaningful for all.

Our children’s growth takes lots of attention. Our children grow not only physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially, but spiritually. I am certain that without spiritual growth all the others are useless. Our children’s spiritual growth IS the foundation for their happiness. Together let us work in raising happy children, growing up in a context of love and understanding with each of them realizing their own worth and the value of all people.

If you have any questions, requests, problems or suggestions, please feel free to contact us or stop in the Religious Education Office located on the lower floor of the school.

Be assured of continued prayers for you and your family.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mrs. Colleen Boyle
Director of Faith Formation

Philosophy of Religious Education

Parents are first and foremost catechists of their children (National Catechetical Directory #212).

Parents share faith by speaking about their beliefs and by setting good example. As children grow in their families, they begin to imitate their parent’s beliefs and values. While children will have many catechists throughout their lives, parent(s) exercise a special, unique, and powerful role.

Saint Christine Parish Community assists parents in handing on the living tradition of the Catholic Faith by providing formal programs of religious formation. These programs include: catechetical instruction, community building activities, service opportunities, personal and communal prayer and worship experiences.

Together parents and the church community nurture the faith of children and youth.