Men and women of the parish are invited to serve the parish by proclaiming God’s Word to the worshipping assembly at liturgical celebrations.

As lectors, they fulfill an important role in the Liturgy of the Word. The lectors read from the pulpit (ambo) the readings that precede the Gospel. When no deacon is present, the lector, after the introduction by the priest, may announce from the ambo the intentions of the Prayer of the Faithful.

To serve as a lector, one should be a practicing Catholic with a love of God’s word in the Holy Scriptures, and a desire to become more immersed in it. One should be able to proclaim that Word clearly and with meaning, so that the listening assembly can easily hear and understand the sacred text being proclaimed.

Anyone interested in serving as a lector should inform the parish office. Training sessions for new lectors are scheduled on a regular basis. Lectors are scheduled according to their preferences along with the other liturgical ministers.

For more information about becoming a Lector, please contact Kathy Appugliese – 330.788.7171

See the Schedule for Liturgical Ministers for current Lector scheduling.