Homebound Ministry

In the spirit of our parish mission, we reach out to those who are homebound or in nursing homes. We visit the person and bring them the Eucharist on a weekly or monthly basis, as they wish.  In addition, we provide prayer services for the nursing homes and offer a beautiful Mass of Anointing for the homebound in the spring of the year.

We provide a formation session for anyone wishing to join this ministry.  We usually meet twice a year; in the Spring and Fall.  This ministry requires little of your time and will give you rewards many times over.

Please encourage any parishioner who is homebound or would like more information to call one of our ministry chairpersons.

For more information about the Homebound Ministry or if you would like to help us, please contact:
Ruth Spencer - 330.788.8256
Chris Yannerella - 330.881.4986

Homebound Ministry Members

STANDING: Mary Lou Mikolay, Sandra Slanina, Betty DePrim, Darius Offill
SEATED: Mary Ann Kane, Gloria Kirchner, Dolly Ponzi
STANDING: Leonare Fill, Noel Paull, Ruth Spencer
SEATED: Carole DeWitt, Sue Johnson, JoAnne Offill
  • Bob Camardo
  • Jean Coley
  • Howard Caskey
  • Betty Conway
  • Tammy Cook
  • Thomas Dailey
  • Pat Deak
  • Carole DeWitt
  • Leonard Fill
  • Tom Friedman
  • Mary Lou Hudak
  • Sue Johnson
  • Gayle Julian
  • Mary Ann Kane
  • John Keenan
  • Dorothy Kiraly
  • William Leonard
  • Mary Ellen LeViseur
  • Peggy Lyon
  • Joan McKeown
  • Mary Lou Mikolay
  • Julie Mullally
  • JoAnn & Darius Offill
  • Carol Organ
  • Vic Pacek
  • Noel Paull
  • Kathy Peaslee
  • Vivian Rafidi
  • Thomas Roberts
  • Greg Schesler
  • Sandra Slanina
  • Ruth Spencer
  • Ann Stout
  • Mary Thomas
  • Dee Timko
  • Chris Vetterly
  • Mary West
  • Colleen Wilson
  • Chris Yannerella
  • Helen Zynski
  • Sister Eleanor